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BEATS Engineering is a leading educational institution in Nepal that provides comprehensive test preparatory services to students preparing for competitive entrance exams such as engineering entrance exams, scholarship exams, Olympiads, and other Foundation level exams.

We, at BEATS, always keep ‘Student First’ and strive hard to continue to meet the needs of our students. Our emphasis on maintaining the highest standards of teaching, result-oriented test preparation, a healthy competitive environment, and expert faculty has helped us garner the trust of students and parents.


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The basic structure of BEATS Engineering is firmly built on a highly professional faculty team comprising a perfect blend of academicians and subject experts.

Our Mission


To create Best Institute in Nepal for the engineering entrance which serves the society for thousands of years.

Our Visions


Keeping our mission in mind, we will establish a transformational leadership position in each sector.

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Why Choose Us?


With a large pool of dedicated, highly qualified, and experienced faculty members, we maintain an optimal student-faculty ratio to attend every student with extra care. Our faculty walks the extra mile to ensure that you do not miss getting the highest benchmark in school, entrance, and other competitive exams.

Our study material is comprehensively curated by subject matter experts that empower you with an in-depth understanding of all crucial topics from various subjects to help you stay ahead of the curve.

The Standardized Education Delivery methodology at BEATS Engineering ensures perfect and consistent coaching by our faculty members. The teaching methodology is so unique and holistic that it generates not only excellent classroom discussions but also insightful study material. Each and every lecture is planned to make sure that the content delivered is standard, complete and finished in stipulated time. The concept at BEATS Engineering is not only to teach for Entrance Exams but also for Board exams. Every effort is made to make the concepts crystal clear to the student.

BEATS Engineering has a vast pool of talented and highly qualified teachers. The basic structure of BEATS Engineering is firmly built on a highly professional faculty team comprising a perfect blend of academicians and subject experts. The notable qualifications and vast experience of the faculty members help to make complex problems easy for students. 

Break free from your local average tuition and the constraints of lack of good study material. Get BEATS Engineering’s high-quality lectures and study material right at your fingertips.

The students at BEATS Engineering find the doubt clearing sessions quite helpful. During doubt clearing hours, students can ask any doubt on any topic from the respective subject teachers.

BEATS Engineering Assignments give BEATS Engineeringians a remarkable edge over others. The students are supposed to try the set of problems given at the end of every topic on their own without the support of the teachers. This happens on a routine basis. BEATS Engineering Assignments ensure that the students concentrate on two of the most important factors necessary to crack the toughest exams that are subject knowledge and regular practice of the subject with a clear-cut objective of time management and minimizing errors as the studies progress. Our assignments are well known for improving concepts, reducing errors, enhancing concentration, boosting test scores, and above all ensuring selection in the Entrance Exams.

BEATS Engineering conducts motivational classes from time to time to inspire students to make them a winner. We conducts motivational sessions and makes sure that each student gets motivated to face competitive Exams confidently.